Winter Presbytery 2017

Winter Presbytery
23-26 February 2017 will be at
St.Paul’s united church Thunder Bay

St Paul’s United Church, 349 Waverley Street, Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 1B7,
Ph (807) 345-5864

Preparing for change in The United Church of Canada
with THEME LEADER:  Rev. Lesley Harrison who works with EDGE, a United Church group of consultants who help congregations transition through these changing and challenging times.


Anonymous-laying-back-singing-300pxChoir Practice
Thursday 23rd, at 7 pm at St. Paul’s
for anyone interested in singing in the choir on Sunday morning.  The piece is “As the Deer”; words and music by Martin Nystrom and choral setting by Douglas E. Wagner.


meetings, gatherings, food, laughter, praying, questioning, discussions & decisions, singing, worshipping, meetings, gatherings, food, laughter, music, discussions & decisions, singing, sharing, worshipping, meetings, gatherings, food, laughter, discussions & decisions, singing, worshipping, praying, sharing, meditating, questioning, that’s what we do at our presbytery meetings.. better click on more!


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Perspectives on Indigenous People and Settler Folk in Northern Ontario Compiled by Dr. A. Ernest Epp Professor Emeritus of History Lakehead University and Chair of Christian Outreach and Social Action
Perspectives on Indigenous People and Settler Folk in Northern Ontario Compiled by Dr. A. Ernest Epp Professor Emeritus of History Lakehead University and Chair of Christian Outreach and Social Action

While Canadians generally are celebrating Canada 150, many Indigenous People are cool at best and often deeply critical of the celebration. After all, the nation created in 1867 subjected them to its imperial control and used various means to destroy the First Nations. The paper, “Perspectives on Indigenous People and Settler Folk in Northern Ontario,” recognizes this dark era between the many millennia of Indigenous life in the Western hemisphere and the recent Indigenous efforts to escape their colonial experience. The paper illuminates the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and focuses Ontario’s responses to its Calls to Action.

Happy Canada Day,
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A Lenten faith-in-action campaign to increase climate justice in Canada

Give it up for the Earth! A Lenten faith-in-action

Cambrian Presbytery encourages you to take part in this campaign and to spread the word about this campaign.  This Lenten campaign is clearly laid out. it’s a very meaningful lenten journey you can do with your congregation. As Christians, we have a responsibility to take good care of the earth, to live with respect in Creation.

A Lenten faith-in-action campaign to increase climate justice in Canada

Organize a local Give it up for the Earth! event for your community:

  • Friends
  • Your church
  • Your book club

giufte_smRegister first to receive the materials.
You will receive a package.

a Give it up for the Earth! package containing:

– campaign postcards;

– campaign posters (11×17 PDF; 17×11 PDF);

– the Give it up for the Earth! Organizing Guide;

Climate Change as a Matter of Faith and Justice, a backgrounder on climate change and the Christian call to respond;
Personal and Political Action to Address Climate Change, information about the actions/policies listed on the postcard; and a recycled cotton reusable CPJ tote bag as a thank you for your participation.

giufte_smYou will then have a six-week window (March 1–April 13, 2017) to hold public engagement events and collect postcards. Online options for promoting engagement via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will also be made available.

giufte_smCompleted postcards will be returned to CPJ for delivery to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, at a campaign closing event on/around Earth Day (April 22).

CPJ = Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is a national organization of members inspired by faith to act for justice in Canadian public policy.

Read More:
This Lent give up complacency

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Emission control

United Church buildings produce as much carbon dioxide as 30,000 cars. Why are so few congregations cleaning up their act?

Article: Emission Control By Mike Milne in the Observer February 2017 pg 38

Here’s some fresh global warming data that’s bound to send a chill across the United Church: the denomination’s 3,000 congregational buildings produce the equivalent of an estimated 135,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. That’s about the same as burning 63 million kilograms of coal, or driving 30,000 cars, or powering 15,000 homes for a year — and it would take a forest about the size of Quebec City to offset it.

Perhaps even more worrying is the fact that few congregations are taking steps to reduce their energy use — even in areas where church-funded no- or low-interest loans are available to help them retrofit their buildings.
Several General Councils have recognized the existential threat of climate change and passed motions calling on congregations to try to lower their carbon footprints. The General Council Office has tried to reduce its energy use by cutting back on travel and meeting electronically more often. And the denomination and its Foundation took a stand against climate change in late 2015 by selling about $8 million in fossil fuel investments.
But a report released last July, called “Caring for Creation, Our Communities and Our Congregations,” gives the church its first national estimate of how much carbon its buildings are pumping into the atmosphere. It says that for the church to be “a truly credible and inspiring climate change leader [it] must put its own house in order.”
Commissioned by General Council’s finance department for $90,500, the report was completed by Faith and the Common Good, a Toronto interfaith environmental group, and BuildGreen Solutions, an Ottawa consulting firm. “This is a proactive thing,” says General Council finance chief Erik Mathiesen. “This is a chance for the church to lead by example. But in order to manage something, you need to measure it.”
Lucy Cummings, executive director of Faith and the Common Good, says the carbon reduction report makes clear that carbon-producing energy use is a theological, environmental and ethical issue, as well as a financial issue for congregations. “The energy used to light and heat United Church faith buildings is one of the denomination’s largest carbon contributors — and one of its biggest expenses.”
In other words, congregations can save money and take steps to slow global warming by making their buildings more energy-efficient or offsetting energy use by generating clean energy with solar panels.
Read full article…..


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COSA Newsletter

Early November Ernie Epp, the  chair of COSA, came up with the idea of a  COSA Newsletter, saying  the following to the committee members: “..a newsletter, that is, a compilation of reports from our semiannual meeting at Presbytery and the activities of our churches, which could be sent to all of our churches in order to spread the word about social action in our Presbytery”
The first issue of the letter is now ready to read thanks to Ernie and a few daring COSA members.

cosa_newsletter1Not Complete
Of course the COSA Newsletter content is not complete. For the next issue we hope to receive copy from all wind directions of Cambrian Presbytery.  We like to hear from all of you about  Social Justice events and actions in your pastoral charges, so we can print them to share and  inspire others to organize events,  prayers and meditative walks that that connect people and might help with healing in our local communities.
Copy for COSA Newsletter
can be send
to jacomyn(at)
Please add in the subjectline: copy for COSA
think of sending us photo’s of your events that we can print. Include name of photographer please.

By Jacomyn Gerbrandy
COSA  member

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Dedication Service, Knox Fort Frances


340 Church Street, Fort Frances
Invites you to join them on Sunday, September 11, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. For a Dedication Service. As we celebrate our completed renovations and elevator (creating a Barrier-Free Environment, accessible to all) Lunch to follow the service
To our brothers and sisters of other churches: you are welcome to join us for our service or following your regular Sunday worship.


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Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: 

Calls to Action

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples:

Acknowledging the Territory in Worship :











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Learn about the Blanket Exercise

Blanket Exercise Workshop in Fort Francis

The Right Relations Circle is sponsoring a

Blanket Exercise Workshop

6:30 p.m.  
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Knox United Church in McMillan Hall
340 Church Street, Fort Frances

The workshop will be facilitated by Kaaren Dannenmann and Dorothy Friesen

The Blanket Exercise is a participatory workshop to help people understand how colonization of the land we now know as Canada has impacted the people who lived here long before settlers arrived. It is a hands-on way to explore the nation to nation relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous people, to see how the relationship has been damaged over the years and how they can work toward reconciliation.

All are welcome! A light lunch will be served.
For information on the Blanket Exercise visit:
Kairos: Blanket Exercise
photo from Kairos: Blanket Exercise




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Cambrian Calls Feb 2016

Cambrian Calls Thunderbay Feb 28, 2016

Some 60 Presbyters, 19 youth and 11 youth leaders gathered from Feb. 26-28 at Broadway UC in Thunder Bay for our Presbytery’s winter meeting. The meeting’s themes were the eight Category 2 and 3 Remits (proposals for changes to the Basis of the Union of the United Church of Canada) that will have to be voted on. We would also be sharing some “good news stories” about positive initiatives that are taking place in various congregations.

Cambrian Calls Plus winter 2016
Cambrian Calls Plus winter 2016

Campres Service at Broadway united, Thunder BayWatch the Cambrian Presbytery Sunday service

On Sunday morning Presbytery members joined in (eclectic) worship together with the Broadway congregation, who had done just a marvellous job at hosting us. The service was also livestreamed live with multiple cameras to anyone who wanted to participate from different times and/or places. After closing motions, this Presbytery meeting was formally adjourned.

Cambrian Calls text only pdf
Cambrian Calls Archives

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